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aaaaa i love this game sm!! instruments AND cute boys? totally my vibe 😌 lookin out for more! :D

I really like it so far, but I do have one question. It says in the part under 'For the Future' that we will be helping the couples get back together. Do we get to romance the other 4 as Jillian or is it like we switch characters to do different routes? 


you play as jillian and you are basically a "wingman" for the instrument characters, i think. their love interests are jillian's friends. idk the exact pairings but you (jillian) are supposed to help them get with their love interests. 


Gotcha, thank you!

Haha started playing and didnt realize we dont get to choose our love interest. Still love the concept and everything, but Tom is totally my type so i wont lie and say i wasnt very disapointted that i cant pursue him! lololol. hes so cute and cool. ANYWAY i really did love playing tho, the art is amazingg and so is the plot so far. def a unique storyline that i really look forward to. 

Is this still alive cause I want to plaaaaY!!


development is slow but still going on!! 🙆🏻‍♀️

OH WoW! Thanks for replying!!

I was going to message the same thing!


As the little impatient piece of shit that i am... i will calmly wait for this masterpiece to be over. I enjoyed every second of it fr. <3



Can't wait for the full game to come out :D


What a great demo! Cute character art, clean UI, strong personalities, humor... You just gotta suspend your disbelief for the sake of cute boys hahah. I've seen a bit of the progress on mechanics over on tumblr and it all looks promising! Will be keeping an eye out for the full release.

I am super excited for the full game. Wishing you the best! <3

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The story is a very well writting one, the demo is clever and quickly show the conflic though just short- nature dailoge, which is nice. The main character are very well writen, and her design fit with it very well, i was into her, and care alot about her emotional stage. 
The other character , i still haven't know much about them. So there nothing to be says. But i see you guys had put alot of thought on each of there dailoge even tho the extrem limited time of their screentime . 

Most of the game, i was capture by the story and the clear, well written  dailoge. You guys know what you are doing. and it exciting for me to see what is next.

The only thing keep me down is : i was bored with the part Gray and them try to finger out what are they,...  And the part they talk about the meaning of "dad" and all. The whole thing just did't hit me. maybe these will be these imformation will come for use later, but for me personaly, the coversation just not working for me , feel long, and unecessary, with imformation that i can easy figure out , only need few line. Don't feel presure taking my critict, maybe other like these kind of long casually coversation. This is just my personal thought.

I can see this is  a well done demo with alot of thought and love into it ! Wish you guys all best luck and keep on great work.  


Es increíble todo lo que has logrado hasta el momento, es un trabajo muy admirable. he seguido tu canal de YouTube por un tiempo y simplemente quedo sorprendida con todo lo que ha crecido tu arte, tan hermoso, como tu coloreado y linea a evolucionado por tú gran dedicación. Este nuevo proyecto florecerá con todo tu amor colorido puesto en él, te deseo lo mejor y solo me queda dejar un pequeña duda y muchos ánimos para que sigas adelante!!!

    • ¿Piensas llevar este maravilloso proyecto a otros idiomas, como el español?

    After the English release, I may let it be translated into different languages. Depends on how well the game will do! But if that happens I really want to look into a Japanese translation first, since that's the biggest market for visual novels, after that Spanish will probably be a good option too!

    Thank you for your kind words ^^

    Ahh this seems so interesting!! I played everything in the extras and Orla seems cool too lol The artstyle is adorable and I can't wait for the full version to come out!! I love everything already!!

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    Oh my god, the DEMO is far too great to be just a demo. The art is really gorgeous and the interaction between each characters is so adorable!!! Everything in your game is so interesting, can't wait to see the final already!

    P.S. About the final game, will all instrumen be available for love-interest route ? Can we flirt them while we match them with their musician ?

    **P.S.2 Never mind, I have already read your info at the game page's tumblr, Cool concept! Can't wait to be a wingmanᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ!!  But we can still romance with our Piano-man, right? RIGHT? **

    I'm in love for this game S2


    Prob won't play it since I only play as male, but daaaamn that artstyle is awesome.


    samee, i love the art.  too bad it's a fem protag.

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    omgg I just played the demo and I'm absolutely in love!! I love everything about it, the art and ui are so incredible! The character designs are so unique and pretty!! Music is great and I'm already in love with all the Intstrumens haha. The principal too, God I love him he's amazing XD I'm eagerly awaiting the full release!! ^^


    oh I’m so happy you enjoyed it!! Thanks for playing :)

    It was very great. Also i really like the art style. Would be really great if my instruments came to life too xD


    ahhh!!  i just played the demo but am now sad that the game is gonna be priced!!  though i totally understand since we all gotta make bank, right?  i'm actaully not an adult yet, so i don't get permission to buy any of the games i want!  but i truly think you've done such a good job on this.  keep up the good work!!


    Oh it is? I guess that was a given, this game seems top quality LOL I don't usually buy games so I most likely won't be purchasing it then :(

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    There are a couple of spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing too distracting. I'd be happy to help with proofreading, by the way. I don't do it professionally, but I do write in my spare time. 

    I've never been a fan of long intros to games, but this one was actually pretty nice to read through. The way you framed the interactions between Jillian and her friends is nice, too. I can see the issue from both sides. Jillian looks like a bitch, and we see how it makes her friends feel, but we also see how quickly everyone drops her, and how that makes her feel when she's just worried about being her best. It's good, it doesn't feel so one-sided. Nobody's really the bad guy here. She's unaware of her faults, not maliciously intending to hurt them.

    I don't think I need to point out how stunning the artwork is. Wonderful music, too. I could sit on that title screen all day and just listen to it.


    when the script is done I will look for a proofreader, so I can properly see how much it will cost and how much work the proofreader will have. But thank you for the offer!!

    And thank you for the kind words! The beginning scene will probably change a bit, but the fight between the club will stay- I really wanted a fight where no one was the winner, so I’m glad it got through. It was a classic case of miss communication, and the game will focus on their friendship as well~

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    I look forward to that!

    I'm considering doing a dub of the demo with some friends, just for fun. Would that be alright with you? There's only three of us, so it'll probably be quite a long time before it actually happens, if it ever does, but I thought I should ask while I'm ahead. :)


    that would be wonderful, I would love to see it! ^^


    I really enjoyed this demo! The characters are all really nice and loveable, though Jillian sure has room for character development - which I'm sure she's getting!

    I do have a few questions, though.

    First off, when the full game's released, will it be priced, and if so for how much?

    Secondly, I'm curious about the relationships. Will Jillian develop a romantic relationship with Frankie as well as help the other instruments improve their relationships with her friends?

    And lastly, when can we expect a release date? No pressure though, take your time!

    I hope you can answer my questions!


    Thank you so much ^^ I don’t answer questions about the story self, because I think that’s up to the game to explain. It will be priced, the set price is not sure yet but I imagine it to be around 20 USD. There’s no release date yet, since I’m doing it on my own (except the wonderful music!) so it’s surely gonna take some time before I can say anything about that~


    I see, I see. Thank you for taking the time to reply! Good luck with the game, you're doing pretty good so far!


    Love it.  Art is great.  Noticed some spelling errors but this is my kind of zany comedy.  Good work!


    thank you! Yeah there are a lot of spelling errors, bud hopefully there will be none in the final product ^^


    I loved this demo so much, the concept is unique, the art is sooo pretty, the writing is great,  the characters are all lovable and interesting it's just sadsfsdgdfg GOD TIER. Looking forward to the finished product and thank you for bringing this fantastic game to life!


    thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that ^^

    True! <3


    I love this game so far! The art style is so cute! I can't wait to see the final product! The only thing that bothers me is that the text boxes cover up a lot of the character sprites. I think that if you made the text boxes see-through then it would be easier to view the entirety of the character sprites without having to hide the interface. The only problems I have with the game, other than already mentioned, are ones that will likely be fixed in the final version, such as the game being so short (but that makes sense because it's a demo).


    thank you! I was planning to re-do the whole GUI, so I will definitely keep your advice in mind, thank you for suggesting it!


    first you give us a cute premise and set up but you also give us cute characters with just as cute personalities? i'm in love with each and every one of them already, oml,and i love that the humor isn't out of place and drawn out i can't even pick which gag i liked the most, all of them were s tier ^^^^^


    thanks!! I’m glad you enjoyed it! And that the humor isn’t out of place or drawn out, that’s always my biggest fear with writing comedy haha !


    I'm absolutely in love with this art style and the premise itself, it's so creative and unique. The characters designs too, they're just so good??? Jilian's attitude kind of irks me, but I assume that just means there's room for character development, which I love! It's only a demo but I love everything that's being presented so far, well done ^^ Can't wait for the full product.


    Oh thank you so much! Jillian is meant to be like that in the beginning, indeed because of character development ! I don’t want this game to be only about romance but also friendship :)


    I love the characters, but I'm a bit shaky on Jillian since I wish her and her friends could be close again for more interactions between them :) I'll be honest, I didn't like Jillian that much, her kind of lashing out at her friends while they're just vibing, but overall I loved the demo! Hope their relationship mend by the end... 


    the game is not only about romance but also about friendship! It’s only the beginning scene and Jillian will surely grow throughout the story ^^


    I was just scrolling through the lists to find games to play, and as soon as I read the sypnosis for this game, I just HAD to play. And after finishing it, I absolutely LOVE it!!! The characters, the dynamic, the humor was just !!!! I legit have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait to play it when the game is completely released!! Keep up the good work!!!


    I’m so glad to hear that, thank you so much!


    I love this game! The artwork is really clean and the dialogue is fun. The whole game looks promising and wholesome, I can't wait to see more of this.


    thank you so much for your kind words!!


    i am in love with this game, i cant wait


    I’m so glad to hear that, thank you ^^


    Gosh, those Extra Scenes are simply a blessing!

    Welp, I'll stay tune, and prepare my shipping google to strengthen my power of being a wingman for those boys, muahahaha

    P.S. Please that monologue of the Principal and the "Nella" at the end just.... Ungh T-T

    I’m so glad you liked them!

    Out of curisosity, does the demo have a proper ending or do we have  to wait until the ffinal release? Thanks


    the demo is just a demonstration of how the game would be like - if it had any endings it would already be a full game. There is only the first few scenes and six extra scenes in the extra menu. But actual plot lines and choices are all for the full game~

    Ohmygod, I read the characters bios and I just found my favorite character- FRED

    such a polite young man 


    I love the art and characters so much and the story is so interesting! I can't wait for the final version!!

    thank you so much ^^

    This looks so cute 🥰 I love the art and the characters look really interesting!

    thank you so much !!


    Hey, you'll might not respond to this, but I really like the game. I was just wondering if I can maybe make a amino for this game?


    hello!! Thank you so much!! 

    And of course you can, I don’t mind ^^ maybe you could share it, so I can share it with others who might be interested too (I’m not so familiar with amino I must admit)


    You're welcome!! and I want to try my very hardest to get peole interested. Have a wonderful night/day!! ^^


    The art style is BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love the game

    thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it !!

    The game is really good, as far as we can go! The characters are lovely, we want to know what will happen next and if everything will go well for each of them! (also the funny parts with the dad - oof)
    May I ask you how much time do you think you'll still need before the final version, if you have an idea yet! Of course!
    Have a lovely day ~

    Thank you so much!!

    I honestly don’t know how much time I will need. I don’t have a budget, so I’m doing this in my free time (I need to work on weekdays and such) - And I’m doing it mostly on my own (except for the lovely music!). So I hope 2021? I hope sooner, but I really can’t tell ~

    haven't played yet, so if this is a stupid question: sorry! I wanted to ask if Frankie was our instrument and if this has multiple love interest...just wanna see so i don't get disappointed if i can't date one of the characters. 

    The player has to match the instrument to the musician, while playing as Jillian (the main character and piano player of the group) - she isn’t a self insert character. Sometimes the perspective changes in the (full) game, so in a way you date the musicians. But Jillian can not date anyone, no.

    Deleted 2 years ago

    Not romantically~

    ...Is this available on a Chromebook? if not, could you make it so that people could play it on a Chromebook? I would really appreciate it!

    This game isn’t for chromebooks, they can run mobile apps and I won’t be making this game in to a mobile game. It would call for much more programming and different game design as well. Sorry, but this game is only for PC! Thank you so much for the interest though ^^

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    oh ok, thank you! ^^

    OMG I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH this demo is so cute!!!!! im waiting for the official release!!!!!

    Thank you so much !!

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