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EDIT 08/03/2020 (8th of March)
Demo is now features updated sprites and more scenes!


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DEVELOPMENT BLOG https://pmlylm.tumblr.com/
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- The player will follow a linear story, here they can choose which couple to help at any time (you won't be locked in a route and only follow one couple). The ending depends on which couple got together and which didn't. There are 16 endings in total.
- There are several spelling mistakes in this demo. I'm not a native English speaker and didn't have the budget to hire a proofreader yet. However, a proofreader will be hired for the final version.


Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Comedy, Music, Romance


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I was just scrolling through the lists to find games to play, and as soon as I read the sypnosis for this game, I just HAD to play. And after finishing it, I absolutely LOVE it!!! The characters, the dynamic, the humor was just !!!! I legit have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait to play it when the game is completely released!! Keep up the good work!!!

I’m so glad to hear that, thank you so much!

I love this game! The artwork is really clean and the dialogue is fun. The whole game looks promising and wholesome, I can't wait to see more of this.


thank you so much for your kind words!!

i am in love with this game, i cant wait

I’m so glad to hear that, thank you ^^

Gosh, those Extra Scenes are simply a blessing!

Welp, I'll stay tune, and prepare my shipping google to strengthen my power of being a wingman for those boys, muahahaha

P.S. Please that monologue of the Principal and the "Nella" at the end just.... Ungh T-T

I’m so glad you liked them!

Out of curisosity, does the demo have a proper ending or do we have  to wait until the ffinal release? Thanks


the demo is just a demonstration of how the game would be like - if it had any endings it would already be a full game. There is only the first few scenes and six extra scenes in the extra menu. But actual plot lines and choices are all for the full game~

Ohmygod, I read the characters bios and I just found my favorite character- FRED

such a polite young man 


I love the art and characters so much and the story is so interesting! I can't wait for the final version!!

thank you so much ^^

This looks so cute 🥰 I love the art and the characters look really interesting!

thank you so much !!


Hey, you'll might not respond to this, but I really like the game. I was just wondering if I can maybe make a amino for this game?


hello!! Thank you so much!! 

And of course you can, I don’t mind ^^ maybe you could share it, so I can share it with others who might be interested too (I’m not so familiar with amino I must admit)


You're welcome!! and I want to try my very hardest to get peole interested. Have a wonderful night/day!! ^^


The art style is BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love the game

thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it !!

The game is really good, as far as we can go! The characters are lovely, we want to know what will happen next and if everything will go well for each of them! (also the funny parts with the dad - oof)
May I ask you how much time do you think you'll still need before the final version, if you have an idea yet! Of course!
Have a lovely day ~

Thank you so much!!

I honestly don’t know how much time I will need. I don’t have a budget, so I’m doing this in my free time (I need to work on weekdays and such) - And I’m doing it mostly on my own (except for the lovely music!). So I hope 2021? I hope sooner, but I really can’t tell ~

haven't played yet, so if this is a stupid question: sorry! I wanted to ask if Frankie was our instrument and if this has multiple love interest...just wanna see so i don't get disappointed if i can't date one of the characters. 

The player has to match the instrument to the musician, while playing as Jillian (the main character and piano player of the group) - she isn’t a self insert character. Sometimes the perspective changes in the (full) game, so in a way you date the musicians. But Jillian can not date anyone, no.

would you be able to put Jillian and her childhood best friends together? im still wondering

Not romantically~

...Is this available on a Chromebook? if not, could you make it so that people could play it on a Chromebook? I would really appreciate it!

This game isn’t for chromebooks, they can run mobile apps and I won’t be making this game in to a mobile game. It would call for much more programming and different game design as well. Sorry, but this game is only for PC! Thank you so much for the interest though ^^

(1 edit)

oh ok, thank you! ^^

OMG I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH this demo is so cute!!!!! im waiting for the official release!!!!!

Thank you so much !!

omg this is cute

Thank you so much!


The art, music and the humor in this demo so far has me so excited for this game. So much that this is my first review! I already absolutely love Jillian as I see myself reflected on her and the instruments taken form are just adorable. I do have a question! This is not an otome, correct? I'm just curious to know, but i'm guessing we won't be able to choose which instrument she spends time with but that she is defaulted to Frankie as she mainly plays the piano and i'm guessing the other instruments each will default to their own musician? 

Thank you so much! 
the way the game plays out is one lineair story in which you can choose who to help throughout. All the couples are already set, so if you choose to help Georg (glockenspiel) you are helping him to impress Sally (glockenspiel player). You can choose to help anyone at any given time during gameplay, so you can end up with an ending that has the drums couple getting together and the saxophone couple getting together, but not the glockenspiel or violin couple. So that makes for a total of 16 endings ! 
I’m not so good at explaining it but here is a tumblr post with more info and visuals :


(Also, thank you for pointing out that it’s actually not an otome game, I always misunderstood the meaning appearantly, haha ! I will make sure to not categorize it as such anymore, thanks again ^^)

I see, I have never quite seen a game like this so it definitely caught my attention, I'm very interested. Based on the tumblr link best ending will be all musicians ending with their instruments as a couple, will that include Jillian and Frankie too? And no problem! I know it can be confusing, otomes involve a female lead with several LI she can choose from, this is definitely a visual novel with very unique romance options that don't include the main lead which is a refreshing twist. Can't wait to see more of this game in the future :) 

The player (aka Jillian) can only help the four other guys. However Frankie is often present and can be seen as the sidekick! They will definitely have a lot of scenes together :)

I'm completely in love with this game... It touched me in an incredible way! Love the art and the music <3 Waiting for the official release

thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I was guessing the title would come out as some naughty joke and laugh out loud when it does included in the characters banter xD

The art is cute, and the premise of the story with high school club as its background (the music one, moreover) is already hooked me to stay tune for its release ;)

haha thank you !!


This is such a lovely game so far! I think it's really cool that Jillian's got some flaws as a main character and all the supporting characters are also enjoyable. I love the designs, the music, and the dialogue has made me laugh out loud a few times. I can't wait to see what you do with this! c: 

thank you ! I rather have a character that can grow throughout the story, then one who stays the same, so she’ll definitely changes in the story !

This was a super great demo! The characters were all really fun, the aesthetic is nice, and it was really funny! A couple if typos/misspellings here and there, but it's easy to ignore, and it's only a demo, of course. 

Good luck developing! Can't wait for more! :D


thank you !

Yes, there are probably some spelling mistakes, for the final version I will make sure to hire a proof reader ^^

wow, the demo had my entire interest. It's refreshing to have a protagonist with an attitude xD Good luck developing!

Thank you so much! I’m very glad to hear that!

I'm absolutely in love oh my lordd 

Glad to hear! Thank you~


thank you so much ! I’m glad you enjoyed it ^^